6th September 2017

You are God

Hello everyone.

We love you very very much.  Words can’t express how we feel about you.  You are so so loved by Spirit.  We come to you to tell you, you are all loving beings of love and light. You are all God in a human body.  So let that be our main message to you today.  You are God.  It not blasphemous to think this.  Because it is the truth of who you really are.  We in Spirit love and adore you.  You are so so special wanted and loved. 

We also want you to know your powerful beings, with the ability to change your life at any moment at any time.  You are God’s people.  You are God’s love in personification as you.  This is hard for you to hear because we are taught from an early age that we are conditionally loved and are to fear God not love God.  We are taught to fear.  We are taught lies throughout our lives. Like we are less than others who are more athletic, more beautiful, more brainy, more confident and so on. You are not.  You’re not a number in the Government system. You’re not part of a rat race to materialism. You’re not less than anyone or any being.  You are God. You are a God being.  You are born from Spirit.  Perfect and loved.  You have a hard time hearing this, because so many are taught to fear God, that God is judging you and releasing some sort of justice of punishment to us.  Because look at the state of the world.

It is free will of humans not God, who has shaped the world as it is today.  God is unconditional love.  God is perfection as are you.  You are in God’s image.  You are God’s light and love.  You are more magnificent than you could possibly imagine. Stop being humble about yourselves. You are truly wonderful beings. Know this and you will transform your life.

We honour you and love you, because we know the truth about you. We know you are more. We know with all our hearts you are all blessed beings of light and love, with many blessed gifts and talents. We know you are God beings not human beings. Not like you think “humans” to be. 

Change your perception.  Change your mind about yourselves.  Change and know you are brilliant wonderful and blessed. You’re not a number or a slave being trapped in a material-grabbing world.  You change and the world changes. You are powerful beings.  That's how to change the world’s madness, by changing yourself first.  Seeing yourself as a brilliant being. No better or worse than any other being. See everyone as your equal your counterpart your beloved. Not as separate. You are all One. Another hard thing to hear sometimes, because people can be very very dark towards eachother. It’s not who they truly are for a fact.

So remember you are more, you are God. You are brilliant, wondrous beings first, before you are human. 

Love and light. 


Spirit World Times
United Kingdom

Established 30-11-2017

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