18/08/2017   Love the True Victory

Hello everyone.

We love all of you so so much. We come to you with a great deal of love and respect.  You are very very honoured and we commend you for taking this journey on earth.

We like to say to you, you are one with the universe. You are all powerful beings of light and love.  So much so is this the truth, that we can’t see why you don't see this.  But most can’t, most think of themselves as much much less and think others, like movie stars or athletes are better.  To win an Olympic gold seems to be the ultimate dream amongst you.  You think to be so-called better than others is true victory, when in truth it’s not, not even close to a real victory for your soul.  Your soul is why you are here, not to be the so-called best in a way that puts another person down.  You are all God beings and we can’t say that enough.  To win the Olympics is in truth is no great task, because it’s not done with the victory of love, the most powerful energy in the universe.

Love is the power, not better than such and such.  ‘We love you’ seems to become a soft and weak statement these days, when it is the most powerful statement you can give someone.  Love is the power, it is the energy that will drive you forward, that will transform your life, that will bring you even closer to that which we call the God-force.

Love is the key to Happiness and so so much more. Competition is the path of pain and suffering and striving and discontentment.  Much much suffering bestows that who fails to win when they trained and trained and lost.  We strive and strive to be that which society wants us to do, what society has brain-washed us to believe. Society makes us think competition is happiness, when its riddled with pain and despair and striving to get nowhere.

There is an easier path, a much more pleasant and graceful path, one which is so so much more joyful and wonderful than the mind can image. It is the path of love, the path of light.  The path of love is the strongest most victorious most powerful and most easiest to obtain.  But we turn away and compete.  Turn back and love. 

Love you so so much.  Turn to the light and you will never look back I promise. It is  the best, the absolute best feeling, better than having won the Olympics, I can assure you.  So keep going through your life and remember love is the key.  Love is the answer.  Love is the power. Love is all you need. You need nothing else. You don't even need to strive because it already exists there within you.

God bless.


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