30th  October 2017      Love First

Hello and Greetings

We love you all so so much.  We always start by saying that because it's so important that you know you’re loved, wanted and important and cherished.  We come to you today to remember you’re God before you are human.  You are always God first.  We want to tell you today that we love you and you’re all accepted in the kingdom of God, the realm of the absolute.

We would also tell you, you are all beings of love first. We repeat this because it’s vital that you see this truth. It is essential that you know just what wonderful beings you truly are.  Not just hear it once and go back to how you always thought, back to how you always do things, really really listen to us. You are God first. 

We also want to say to you another important truth.  Relax and let God in and your life will transform into trust and love and security.  Forget your fears, they hold you back.  Not all believe in God.  So instead, trust the universe to provide for you.  It’s a large universe and an intelligent universe. It created all you see and know today.  Know you are part of a whole.  Know you’re not on your own.

We see you struggle with it all sometimes.  You need to let go and surrender to the ultimate love of the universe.  Let love in.  You don't need to believe in God to do this.  Let love in.  You’re not alone ever. We are always here for you in spirit.  Believe in spirit and the spirit world.  It’s very real and all around you.  It's the truth, it's a sure thing.  Spirit work with you always.  Spirit love you and care for you. We are all part of this extensive universe which is expanding all the time.

Know you are love in essence.  You are all beautiful God beings.  You are divinity first before you are human in a body which is limited and ages.  You’re all prefect beings.  God makes no mistakes for sure.  You don't need to believe in God to see the divinity of the beautiful earth you live in.  So take care,  you’re all wonderful.  We say this again so that you may hear it, so that you may know it and live it.

We love all of you so so much.  Love is the key.  Love is always with you weather you feel it or not.  So take charge and let the infinite in.  The infinite love of the universe.

We also like to quickly say to you all to relax and enjoy earth.  It's not as bad as the media makes it out to be.  You don't hear what's right with the world.  You don't hear all the good things people do for each other. It’s just poverty and despair and miserable to keep you afraid, so they can bring in more laws to reduce your freedom.  Don't believe all you hear, it’s designed to keep you numb and thinking it’s all bad.  It is not as bad as they make it out to be.  Trust us, beautiful people do beautiful things and actions for others all the time.

So keep the faith in love and peace in your soul. You are love first. Remember that.  We love you so so much. Renounce fear. Let it all be.  All is well, all is well.

Love you


Spirit World Times
United Kingdom

Established 30-11-2017

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