15 June 2017    Gabriel

Hello everyone, I am an angel of great love compassion understanding and light.  I am God’s messenger.  I come to you today because I love all Human spirits.  We in spirit love you very very much.  We have a great peace in spirit which is connected to everyone of you.  You are the light. You are the love of God.  We all honour humans to pieces.  We all care for you very Deeply. We come to you to love and to guide you. We care for you so so much.  We want you to know you all go to heaven, all of you.  You’re expected there. We wait for you and an angel will guide you home.  Call on us to help you in your earth experience. Angels are real entities who love and respect humans and their lives.  Wow, you chose the hard road, you all struggle with it, but you are honoured for taking this journey of life. The hard road leads to much growth and power. 

We have made ourselves known for many many light years.  And we wish to tell you angels are a sure thing.  But you need to call us, for we don't interfere otherwise.  You’re each on your own sacred path and we don't mess with it unless you ask us to.  We do wonders for healing protection and guidance. We help in so many ways. We can even help you drive safely if that's your request. 

I come from another realm of true brilliance of light and love.  As do all of you.  We come here to serve humans on their sacred journey. So keep going and ask for our help. We do make a difference.  We do have a presence.  We’re going to stay with earth until there is not a need for us.  But the need is very great at the moment.  You struggle through your lives. And it’s not meant to be that hard at all.  Life is made hard through fear and doubts and worries, anxiety, the list goes on. 

We need to stop literally and look deep within ourselves to see the truth of love that is within every one of us.  We are here to assist you with that. We help the peace that is already there become stronger.  We will lift your spirit if you ask us to.  But you need to ask. That is my message for now, Call us always and we will be there right by your side, ready to help and guide you and to tell you that it is going to be alright.  Because in the ultimate reality it is alright,

Love you Gabrielxx

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