29 August 2017   Feelings

Greetings everyone.

We once again say we love you very very much. We can’t say that enough.  We can’t let you not hear that.  You must hear that you’re loved very very much, so so much, we just can’t say that enough.

We wish to talk to you today about feelings and how they are messages for the soul. Hidden in your feeling are the truths of your soul. What feels good is what you are channelling for the particular moment, the soul is trying to tell you something. Negative feelings are also messages for your soul.  Listen hard to what you are feeling. Wake up to what your soul is trying to tell you.

God speaks to us through our highest feelings and thoughts.  What is giving you high feelings and what is giving you low feelings. Wake up to what you are feeling.  Not all feelings are from the soul for sure. But feelings are the universal language of the soul. A language every human understands, no matter where they are in the world. Feelings tell the truth. Feelings tell the lies.  Listen to your feelings. They will guide you and show you the way.

We in spirit use feelings and thoughts to communicate with you to let you know we are there.  So keep going through your lives and listen to your feelings, for your soul is constantly talking to you.  God is constantly showing you the way, through a language every human knows. The communication with spirit is mainly through feelings. We love to talk to all of you, but in your personal readings for yourself are feelings.

We are taught not to go with feelings. To over think and to analyse are what we are advised to do, to look at things linearly and logically. But this is not needed. Just how do you feel about a situation or place or person?  How do you feel about yourself? Your negative feelings tell you something needs to change. Positive feelings say you’re on track. It's that simple. It’s that straight forward.

Honour your feelings. Take all the logic and analyse and over thinking away. How do you feel? This gives you the quickest answer, God language for sure.

Love you


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Established 30-11-2017

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