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Hello everyone and welcome to our site.

It is now March 2018 and Steve, Ray and I are delighted to welcome UK readers to our site.

A lot has happened since we first launched our New Zealand site on 30 November 2017.

Once we had the site up and running, I knew at the time that I needed to find willing contributors in the form of psychics, paranormal investigators and parapsychologists, but I had no idea how I would go about it, or even if I could get any interest at all!

But you know, it just all fell into place naturally, as though the sequence of events that followed had already been carefully predetermined.

My main idea to educate the public about the afterlife first came to fruition when Steve and I bounced around ideas and then came up with the name: “Spirit World Times”. This would soon become an online newspaper, free to readers, consisting of viewpoints from psychics, paranormal investigators and others interested in the idea of a spirit world.

Once we put the idea out there, the response from those wanting to be contributors was nothing short of phenomenal! In the space of only a few months, we got together six psychics and one paranormal investigator from around the north island of New Zealand.

When I asked these psychics what their aims were for contributing to the site, to my surprise, the overwhelming response was, not to gain recognition and more money, but to finally have a forum to freely express themselves, without fear of recrimination.

While on our sites we do welcome constructive criticism, all emails into our sites are first received and assessed by Steve, Ray and I, so that our contributors do not have to bear the brunt of unhealthy negative feedback from the general public.

When we consulted James our New Zealand paranormal investigator about his motives for going on the site, his response was that he wanted to explore with us, the unknown in more depth.

Nothing wrong with that we say!

That’s exactly the kind of contributor we want for our sites!

In fact, we welcome some healthy open-minded scepticism in the mix on our sites, to add to the rich texture of our content.

In terms of topics for our sites, we currently have extracts from Desmond Long’s book:
“Beyond – A Medium’s Journey into the Afterlife”, that we feature on our sites. Desmond Long is powerful medium, who still to this day conducts in depth conversations with his spirit guides and his late wife from the afterlife.

His book details scripts of some of these conversations, about the life beyond our own and including lessons for us here in the physical world.

It has transpired that every so often, our contributors are invited to give their perspective on whatever spirit world topic is featured as current on our websites. Because as I understand it, there are as many souls in the afterlife, as there are souls here in the physical, it makes sense that we piece together as many perspectives on any given topic as possible.

Currently, we are seeking contributors in the forms of psychics, paranormal investigators and parapsychologists from the United Kingdom, to send us their profiles and periodically give us their points of view on the life both here and beyond.

If you are one of these people, or you simply have a deep interest in the idea of an afterlife, then please contact Steve, Ray and I at:
Kindest regards

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