Starting over

After the Killing has stopped.
You start to pick up the pieces.
You start to see every value and idea you have ever had are shattered, twisted and destroyed.
Right has become wrong.
Wrong has become right.
And then Right and wrong have gone.

Darkness, in the beginning, always darkness.
Starting over all a new,
Pushing forward hurting either yourself or others,
Trying not to hurt anyone but always failing not to.

The struggle for sanity goes on.
But is there a need for a struggle at all.

Accepting the world as perfect with all its faults.
Accepting yourself as perfect with all your faults.
Perfection with faults there is the challenge.
A world of People all perfect in their imperfection.

Start over

Ray 2008

Spirit World Times
United Kingdom

Established 30-11-2017

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