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Hello I am Elisa Medhus – author of the book: “My Life After Death: A Memoir From Heaven”, parts of which are featured under “Current Topic” of the Spirit World Times US site.

I am a physician and mother of five and have practiced internal medicine for more than thirty years. I am also the author of three award-winning parenting books and have lectured on parenting for schools, parent groups, and corporations. After the death of my twenty-year-old son Erik, I began journaling my grief on my blog: “Channeling Erik”.

I personally had never believed in life after death. Instead, as an accomplished physician, I placed my faith in science. All of that changed after my son Erik took his own life and then reached out from the other side.

Now, my books: “My Son and the Afterlife” and “My Life After Death” provide answers to the most universal questions of being human.

What was once tragic is now uplifting, as Erik speaks from the other side through mediums with candor, wisdom, and depth as he describes his own experiences and provides new answers about the nature of souls, death, and the afterlife – answers that have the potential to change our lives forever.

As a mother, I find it painful to watch my children struggle. Aa a physician, this pain is compounded by the fact that I couldn’t “fix” my son Erik, who struggled daily with demons that tormented him mercilessly. Along with learning difficulties and Tourette’s syndrome, he also suffered from severe bipolar disorder, a vicious monster that carried him into the darkest, deepest caves from which he eventually never surfaced.

Bipolar disorder can be a terminal disease, and in Erik’s case it was. One beautiful autumn day, I found him dead, sitting in his chair after putter a .45-caliber, hollow-point bullet through his brain. At that point, my life changed from the “before” to the “after”. I plunged not only into grief and despair but also into a vacuum devoid of any belief system that would answer what would become the most important question of my life: Where is my son? As a physician with a strong science background, who was raised by two atheists, I found it difficult to know where to start my search. I didn’t even know whether there was anything to search for.

So, I did what I do best: I turned to science. I devoured hundreds of books and accounts by quantum and theoretical physicists and near-death experiencers. I reviewed controlled, double-blind experiments conducted on spiritual translators, and I explored scientific studies on the survival of consciousness after death. Even before Erik died, I always wondered: Is there more to life than what is contained in the limited three-dimensional reality we perceive with our five senses?

If we limit our beliefs to those ingrained in us by the material sciences and by most organized religions, we are left with so many unexplained phenomena. Why are some spirit translators uncannily accurate? Why do some children recount such compelling past-life stories? Why are some near-death experiences so hard to dismiss as delusional? Because of my strong science background, I always felt at odds with spiritual matters, but I was also familiar with the principle of the Occam’s razor: The most plausible answer is that which explains the most and assumes the least. For me, to believe in the survival of consciousness after death honored this concept. Maybe the world wasn’t flat after all.

Why are people like me so skeptical about the spiritual and the paranormal? We are skeptical because we label something as “real” only when we can observe it directly with our senses or with a measuring device that delivers the information to our senses. Thomas Campbell, experimental nuclear physicist and author of My Big TOE (Theory of everything), explains that we are like our intestinal bacteria. For all we know, the bread that comes down to us is manna from Heaven. We know nothing of the sowing of the seeds, the irrigation, the crop rotation, the fertilization and pest control, the harvesting, the production of bread and its transportation to market. But it still affects us, the bacteria. That said, there is much out there that exists and affects us all even though we cannot perceive it with our senses. Other dimensions, including the one my son is in, may be one such thing. But a big ship changes it’s course very slowly, and the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer is often said to have observed, “All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

As an open-minded skeptic now equipped with scientific studies – including research on spirit translators – that supported my hypothesis, I began my search for a gifted translator who could give voice to my son. I found exactly what I set out to find in Jamie Butler. In our sessions, she perfectly captured Erik’s irreverent personality, and the chemistry between the two was clearly special, like an older sister and her pestering little brother.

With the information from those sessions, I began my blog, Channeling Erik: Conversations with My Son in the Afterlife. At first, the blog was a way to vent my grief, as well as a way to continue a relationship with my son. But as the membership grew, I was amazed by how many people found solace in my daily posts. For some, the blog was lifesaving. Literally.

Eventually, the blog members and I began to ask Erik questions, and those answers provided us with comfort and hope. Throughout this book, Erik describes the death process, the nature of the afterlife, the abilities and activities of the untethered soul, the fate of suicides, and the meaning of life and the human experience, as well as other matters. On the subject of suicide, Erik adamantly makes a case against it. Over and over again, he says that when you take your life, your troubles don’t end; you take them with you. Furthermore, you leave a world of grief in your wake, which only compounds your pain. How well I can attest to that.

Erik would be the first to admit that he is no Oracle of Delphi. He’s an imperfect human being who, like many of us, has battled his own dragons. He has stumbled and failed over and over. But perhaps because of his foibles, he has a deep understanding of the human experience. He knows what it is like to be knee deep in a foxhole of misery, clawing to pull himself out. He knows what it’s like to feel hopelessness and give up, believing that life is not worth the pain and setbacks. But these trials and tribulations offer another type of wisdom – one many of us can relate to in  the shadow of our own hardships. That said, however young and imperfect, Erik has a voice worth hearing. He is one of us.

As a physician, writing these books has been a healing experience for me: it is my nature to heal. And be helping others, I heal my own wounds as well. As a mother, writing this book has taught me an important lesson: death does not mean the end of a relationship. Love knows no boundaries – not even death.

I invite you to join Erik and me on this journey. Consider these books a guide to the afterlife – a handbook of sorts, in which you can refer to specific chapters time and time again as needed. At times you will cry. At times you will laugh. At times you will pause in wonderment. Some of you are bereaved like me. Some of you wish to overcome a fear of death. Some of you yearn to see the bigger picture, to grasp the meaning of life and death.

Whatever your motives, together we will explore the meaning of the human experience, the nature of the death process, the proof and architecture of the afterlife, the survival of the soul and consciousness, and the physics behind it all. Like me, many of you will begin this journey as skeptics. It is my hope that we will end that journey together in peaceful enlightenment.

How These Books Work

A large part of my journey from skeptic to believer required answers from the “other side” – conversations with someone who, at first, I wasn’t sure even existed: my son. Much of this book is comprised of transcripts of these conversations with Erik, which were facilitated by his spiritual communicators and translators, Jamie Bulter and Kim O’Neill. On that subject “forewarned is forearmed,” as they say, so I’d like to mention that, in these conversations, Erik is very much himself, including a bit of classic Erik sailor talk,” so please be aware that sometimes you will encounter some at-times colourful language as he speaks his mind.

That said, I invite you to listen in while Erik, Jamie, Kim and I (referred to as “Me” in the transcripts) engage in dialogue that is informative, occasionally irreverent and challenging, often intimate, sometimes heartbreaking, and always illuminating. I encourage you to use this book as you see fit: as a reference for skipping around to particularly relevant sections or points of interest, or as a traditional; cover-to-cover reading experience. My goal is for you to find a complete guide to death and the afterlife in between the front and back cover of this book – a compendium of information to which you can refer to over and over again.

Thank you.
Warm regards


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