Desmond Long

Hello, my name is Desmond Long, I am retired and I live in Wellington, New Zealand.

I am the author of two books, the first being: “Beyond – A Medium’s Journey Into the Afterlife” and the second being: “SELF-EMDR: The Complete Therapeutic Approach – At Last. Eliminate Painful Emotions for a Lifetime. Simple. Easy. Effective.” 
My Personal History

Way back in my youth, after leaving school I spent a year studying journalism, and then on an impulse decided (probably with justification) that my social skills were not adequate, and joined the Royal NZ Navy as an officer trainee specializing in marine electronics.  After several years that occupation led to my swapping caps (not on an impulse) when I joined the Merchant Navy in the same line of work and doubled my income.

While on the rail ferries and other ships I made use of ample spare time and again changed career to obtain a degree in psychology, specializing in Hypnotherapy. I had arrived! It was the best thing I have ever done. While still on the ships I ran a clinical practice part time, but was still pursued by this life-long restless “thing”, and accompanied by my family (Val plus two teenagers) I purchased a real-estate company.

While running one of our motels (The Tokyo in Palmerston North) I encountered a very personable guy called Ray Parker, who was staying with his daughter (Donna’s sister) and her daughter. Of course I knew Ray from my days learning Hypno, so charging him double (joking).

In relation to my book: “Beyond”, from the time I was a child I was able to see and relate to discarnate personalities (dead people), almost as most individuals can chat to one another. As the decades went by I learnt to tap into their philosophical wisdom that was well beyond my own mediocre resources. In fact very little of what was channeled through my psychic channel, my mind, had I ever heard about or read about or even thought about. Some of it I did not even personally agree with. There were sections I did not, at least initially, understand.

It was several years after we sold the real estate company that Val developed multiple sclerosis, and after a gradual downhill slide she spent the last three years of her life as a tetraplegic in a sheltered environment.

After her death in 2007 Val and I became very close, admittedly following a period of trauma while she was locked into the proximity of the coarse physical plane (the earthbound state) due to the trauma of her final years. Since then Val, especially, has functioned as an intermediary between Spirit personalities in her environment “who possess the answers” and me in the coarse physical plane.

All this, and more, was included in a book I had published in 2013 by American Book Publishing, which was largely a word-for-word account of my exchanges with Val and also our deceased daughter, Tanya: (The Littlest Crusade, renamed Beyond.)

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